10 Basic Yoga Poses to do at Home in 15 Minutes

Basic Yoga Poses
There are instances where you just want to stay at home to do your yoga and in such cases, it is always best that you do some Basic Yoga Poses after all; the reason for staying at home is to avoid doing the routine yoga poses you do. In this case, one very important thing is to learn yoga and master the basics of yoga as it makes it even easier to do the poses thereby allowing you benefit better from the poses.

Below are some yoga basic poses that can be done in the comfort of your home and in good time, usually within 15 minutes. While all yoga poses are basically designed to achieve the same objective, the poses highlighted below require little time.

Pelvic Tilts

It is usually best to start your day with pelvic tilts as they can be interesting and very beneficial especially to the back. One primary benefit of the pelvic tilts is that it helps you to know when you have back pains especially in the lower region of your back and with about 15 rounds of tilts, you can be sure of the back pain disappearing.

Cat-Cow Stretches

This pose is usually a continuation of the back exercises. Unlike the pelvic tilt however, this pose helps to exercise the spine. One would usually feel the same movement as the pelvic tilt. As you move between the cat-cow and pelvic tilt, it is important that you watch your breath.

Downward Facing Dog

This pose is totally different from the previously highlighted ones both in posture and benefits. This pose helps you exercise the entire body. Many yoga doers already know this pose and its simplicity has made it one of the most sought-after yoga poses especially for persons that want to do yoga in the comfort of their homes.


This is another excellent yoga pose that yield excellent results and can be done in just 15 minutes. It helps to work the hips and hamstrings. It starts by stepping your right foot forward next to the right hand. This makes you come into a low Lunge. In some cases, you can decide to drop the back knee to the floor to help stretch your hips. To work the hamstrings, straighten the back leg that runs along the back side of the thighs.

Straight Leg Lunge

This is more of a continuation to the Lunge discussed above. In this case however, the back leg is re-straightened if the knee has been dropped to the floor. Ensure that the front foot is kept as flat as possible and avoid forcing the leg to come straight. For persons that find reaching the floor a bit difficult, blocks can be used under the hands. The process should be repeated on both sides.

Mountain and Raised Arms Poses

The mountain pose would usually come before the arms pose. Ensure to stand in a forward bend, bending the knees slowly rolling up to stand in tadasana, also known as mountain pose. While it is advised that you do half sun salutations, doing full salutations would be a great idea if there is the time and inclination. To transit to the raised arms pose, press your palms together and slide the shoulders way from the ears, downward.

Standing Forward Bend

This pose is also known as the Uttanasana and is designed to work the Hamstrings. It is advised that in order to get the best from the standing forward bend pose especially as it stretches the hamstring, the process is done slowly. One could also add some variations to the pose to make it more interesting and fulfilling.

Pigeon Pose

This is a great pose to open the hips as you place the padding under the seat as you deem fit. It is recommended that you stay in the forward fold for about 15 deep breaths in order for the body to release.

Any Pose

While this pose is definitely not a name of a particular pose, it advised that even as you try to keep body and soul fit and healthy, you could spend 15 minutes of your yoga time trying to improve on that yoga pose that has always proved stubborn. It is not compulsory that you perfect the pose, it is however important that you improve at every point in time.

Corpse Pose

The major benefit of the corpse pose especially in this situation is to allow your body absorb the benefits of your poses before kick-starting your day.

Yoga remains one of the best ways to exercise the body and mind and with the poses mentioned above, you can be sure of benefiting from yoga even in the comfort of your home.